Hmong Independent Filmmaker launches Kickstarter campaign to fund Pilot to prove to Hollywood he has an audience.

Chicago, IL:  January 3,  2018, Independent Filmmaker, Touacha Her, launches his Kickstarter campaign to raise $50,000 to produce the biggest Hmong Film Project in Hmong Film History to prove to Hollywood they can make content at their level. This campaign is set out to produce a 20min Pilot film for a Series to serve the Hmong Audience and hopes to reach the huge K-Drama (Korean Drama) audience as well.

Touacha Her, the Director, says, “I have been sitting on this idea for 6 years waiting for the right time. This is a super story so I needed to make sure everything is ready. That I am ready. We have unique stories and no one will make unless we tell it ourselves.” He has targeted this film project primarily for the Hmong Audience but also hopes to draw in the K-Drama Audience as well. The Pilot for an upcoming Fantasy Romance Series is called “Ntsujplig Ntawm Kuv Ib Sab – Spirit Beside Me,” the first H-Drama (Hmong Drama) of its kind (Similar to K-Drama). The Pilot film is based in 2500bc which sets up the back story of the Series through a fantasy world where a Hmong Kingdom is on the brink of destruction by the spirit world. Director Touacha Her says, “I am Hmong myself, and no one has seen a Hmong Kingdom before because we (The Hmong People) were almost wiped away in the history books. So I am bringing the Hmong Kingdom back and I believe everyone will want to watch this!”

In order to draw attention to the project, The Director has cast some of the biggest names in Hmong Entertainment to help bring this story to life for his audience. He says, “They don’t just have a strong following already, but they are also very talented and ideal for the role to add a whole another level to the characters in story.”

The Hmong people is an under-represented ethnic group that came to the United States from Southeast Asia after the Vietnam War. The film project hopes to bring awareness and share the unique Hmong cultures and traditions that has yet to be told. The Director says, “There is a lack of great content for this market. I am set out to change that.” Touacha has spent everything on the project so far almost on the brink of going broke. He says, “I believe in this project so much that I am willing to risk putting everything I have into it. My wife probably hates me for putting the family through this, but I know it will be worth it.” But now he needs help and that is why he has launched the Kickstarter campaign. Touacha says, “If I can get people to believe in the project as much as I do, then together we can make something truly never been seen before.”

Touacha and his production team has already begun the pre-production process where they were able to get sponsored by Camera Ambassador with a Red Epic Dragon 6k cinema camera to film this pilot with.

After the success of the Kickstarter campaign, production is slated to take place around February-March of 2018 in Chicago, IL.